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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly – Restoration Hardware Rethought

Posted by on August 20, 2012

Another  furniture market has passed, and, we have some observations from the beginning of 2012 until now, regarding home decor and furnishings.

  • You will be seeing more and more of “the Restoration Hardware look”. It is everywhere , and,  in almost every furniture and accessory line! (That is not a bad thing. However, caution must be used.)  CAUTION!
  • THE  GOOD:   There is a lightness and freshness with white & natural linens and scrubbed natural wood finishes, using metal & architectural accents.
  • THE BAD:      There is a very predictable formula for “the look” with the Shabby Chic’ness of ‘ore. CAUTION!  Please use the elements lightly, and, not all together. The use of  photographer’s lighting as lamps is a fad. It’s okay, if you want to play that game for a little while. That goes for anything on large metal wheels, as well.
  • THE UGLY: You will see yourself in someone else’s living room, after spending $$$ on this look, and, then having to spend more $$$ to replace the look, sooner down the line than you thought. It is not timeless.

         That being said, there are very nice ways to pull this look together and make it hip and classy.

  •   Use classic, clean-lined upholstery in natural fabrics, combined with traditional interesting wood-framed chairs.
  •   Add large art for color and design.
  •  Use nicely scaled lamps and tables. Wood can be light in SOME pieces, but, use warm tones in most wood pieces to give stability and ground the look.
  •  Add color to the walls. The use of grays is the formula color here. However, you are not limited to that. Besides, paint is easy to change.
  • Use organic and collected accessories to create dimension and character to rooms.
  • Use natural fabrics in drapery panels and/or metal blinds or soft natural window shades at windows.

 And, of course…Seek professional advice.  (Couldn’t resist that!)

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